For custom picture framing, New York residents trust the experienced hand of the framers at Frame It in Brooklyn. At Frame It, we believe that a great frame does more than beautify the art it surrounds – it touches the entire room, adding elegance and personal style.

Custom Frames

A frame should enhance the art it surrounds, not detract from it or compete with it. Large, bold frames add energy to neutral mat treatments. Mats should also enhance the art. Wider mats, v-grooves, fillets, multiple mats and French Mats help spotlight the art, drawing the viewer’s eye into the image.

Conservation Framing

We believe that conserving art is just as important as beautifying it. Through the use of acid-free mats, water-removable hinges, Mylar® corners, Mylar® encapsulation and UV-blocking glass, you can reduce the damaging effects of light and air on your art. Conservation framing is an excellent choice for irreplaceable, valuable, or original art, newspapers and other original documents, or items that will be displayed near windows or under fluorescent light.

Needlework Frames

Frame It In Brooklyn specializes in caring for your original or vintage textiles. With proper techniques for conservation mounting and framing treatments, we can help you preserve your cross-stitch, petitpoint, longstitch, latchethook, sports jerseys, scarves, doilies, wedding dresses and any other object made from cloth for many, many years to come.


You probably already own your next great work of art. Using your own “Cherished Memories”, anything from baby’s first shoes, vacation souvenirs and photos, childhood (or adult!) keepsakes, to your outstanding matchbook collection, we’ll help you create a shadowbox as distinctive as the items it frames. The only limit is your imagination.

Frame It in Brooklyn has been serving the people of our city for over 40 years. Stop in today to browse our selection of materials for custom picture framing. New York art lovers and crafters just like you know our framers have the aesthetic eye to make their art even more beautiful.

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